Monday, January 24, 2011


My thought about this blog was to show lots of original pictures of design content and explore design trends and sources. Generally just yammering on and on alongside the other design blogs about... well, design. So, that's why it's called Design Junkie. Oh, terribly original.

I know.

But my camera is in Florida and I'm in Philly. So for my practice round of posting a picture I'm presenting this grainy shot of my living room that was on my BB. You see those chairs - thrifted from an Atlanta area Goodwill and reupholstered in royal blue velvet and navy linen - and the table they flank - thrifted from Lakeland Salvation Army? It's the table I'm focusing on right now.

I had it stored in the secret warehouse for over a year, then moved it to the reno job site for the carpenter to replace the top, which was cracked and warped. He pointed out some termite damage, which I had seen, and poo-poo'd, because, afterall, I had had it for so long, how could there still be an infestation? Wrong thinking. About 6 months after moving it into my house I saw termite droppings and had to have it treated. All's well there.

Originally, the table sat in the master bath, beside the free-standing bathtub, as I studied it in the space to determine how to finish it. Ended up moving it to the living room and I'm still studying. How should I finish it?

A combination of distressed fuschia and flaky gold leaf? The inside and underneath glossy pink? There will be fuschia. Just not sure of the exact treatment. Any ideas?

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