Thursday, June 16, 2011

At the end of the day

I just want what every design junkie wants – beautiful and beautifully made things and the wallet to get after them. I know the longing that’s a common thread, woven through our musings and the images on our blogs. It’s visceral for us. An instinctive reaction from our souls. It can’t be tamed. Even when our puny piggy banks prevent us from possessing that which we know is perfection, we thrift and we hoard and we hack. And when our man folk say “no more” and our spaces grow cluttered, we become creative with our stash. We find a way to get our fix. We are junkies. It’s what we do.
And if we can’t have our hearts’ desire, sometimes we just settle for licking looking at pictures.
And sometimes they’re not even good quality.
beautifulgrange 005
such a pretty, sweet space

beautifulgrange 008
i'd love that desk

beautifulgrange 017
pink and velvety

beautifulgrange 020
lovely little tables

beautifulgrange 021
something going on there with the wall that makes me wish it was happening in my house
beautifulgrange 026
oh, chair! i love your color
beautifulgrange 027
you're making me smile

beautifulgrange 033
i want these. so very much.
beautifulgrange 025
Just crappy ones I shot off the pages of my Jacques Grange Interiors book.  
Low life junkie that I am.


  1. those curvy chairs look like the one we saw at the auction!! There is a very good one coming up on Tuesday. Are you out of town then?

  2. There was so much there I wanted that I'm just sick that I missed! Stupid responsibilities. Unreal.

    And dammit! i'm not there Tuesday. Will you go and wrangle some good stuff? I'm ready to start working on a trailer load!


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