Monday, June 20, 2011

A hoarder never sleeps

It's becoming old. The addition of new pieces to the hoard. And I know I'm not the only one.

I'm going to have to work on organizing some Bloggerpalooza Pop-Up shops to give my cache it's chance to shine.

Here's two new projects for me to consider and add to the trove

I could go a lot of different ways with this bench. One thought is to strip it, leave the wood natural and reupholster in the black "leather" I did my dining chairs in. That could be hawt! There are even those little brass finials!

Not tremendously exciting, but still, room for a cute idea. I just haven't had it yet.

This one's all for me and it has a twin. I've got one sitting on the kitchen counter right now, leaning against the glass back splash. The other is sitting on the blue lacquer dresser in a guest room, where I think this little fellow will be joining him. They can hang out together there. More than likely.


  1. where do you find this awesome shit?

  2. For one, practically er'body I know texts me pictures and say - you want this awesome shit?

  3. A couple of bloggers and I are doing a pop up shop in the fall. Best way to get rid of crap before your hubs reports you to hoarders.


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