Friday, June 10, 2011

Material Culture

I saw these soft and shaggy, lustrous rugs yesterday at Material Culture in Philly. They're hand knotted long, spun mohair carpets from Turkey and are called Tulu and sometimes referred to as 'yatak' - sleeping rugs. The sizing is kinda random but I think I could find one to fit a guest room or two. I'm like a lot of design junkies - I'd love to have a Madeline Weinrib slung down on my floor. But is that gonna happen? Sadly. No.

The colors of these are so brilliant (all of the colors, not just the blues that I favor).


But these, they do have a certain charm. The prices aren't ridiculous and the colors are attractive, even if they're not as bright

I still love you shaggy, funny rugs. You'd like it at my house.


  1. I've never seen these before. I think they are beautiful...especially that very last one, bottom right.

  2. Jealous! Those are super amaaaaazing!!!

  3. They're so soft and cozy, too. The last one, bottom right is the one I was thinking about for the guest room with the blue lacquer chest of drawers. It's in my head!


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