Friday, June 10, 2011

Somethings never get old

Re-posted that bit below from February when I saw Commune as the featured designer of the designer registry. 'Cause I LLUVEM!! Big time love. They really nail it, any which way and I wanna look and look again. Their process seems so organic and instinctive that it makes my chest hum. I need to remember this shizzzzz when I'm lost for inspiration because they do it for me.

Here's some more of what I'm lusting for (and if I were you I would click these to enlarge or head over and looky at them close)

fresh windsor goodness

oh my, what a rug. what a room.

why can't i stripe a hallway, for God's sake?

bookie goodness

lite n airy goodness

makes me wanna smile goodness

throw it all out there goodness

homespun goodness

easy, peasy goodness

cozy goodness

simple goodness

ikat-eames love

dungeon goodness

hot granny goodness


  1. that is BOLD to upholster an Eames lounge in ikat!!

    Love the ottoman in the pic next to it. Makes me want to toss out my glass coffee table and get all cozy.

  2. Couldn't agree more! I think they are brilliant and so many of these are new to me, thanks (!) for re-posting!

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  4. Made a stupid mistake - missed a word! Had to remove the comment. Anyway, I'm loving that striped hallway. Thanks for the post, so much to enjoy!


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