Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'Scape this table

Things move slowly at my house. On this project. With the decorating.

While I'm still focusing on furnishings, pillows and bed covers, there is no accessorizing going on. And there is no plan or any ideas about what to do about that. I have some things - don't remember what - packed away in a warehouse and I've bought a few pieces, impulsively, that I reckoned I would like, but there is no clear vision on that level of layering. So my coffee table sits clean. A blank slate.

I'm mostly drawn to found objects, usually old pieces, and finds that I can weave a story around, but I don't rule out anything. (Except silk flowers.) Texture might be most important to me, and then size. On the bottom shelf of the table, I'm filling an old wooden bowl with brass figures, door knockers, and even tiny, figural ashtrays - I have a crab and a fly. I'd like to fill the bowl up completely with a tangle of parts. I can see that outcome in detail.

The glass top however, is a different story. I have imagined a tray of some sort and I'd like a few bigger pieces rather than a bunch of little pieces. I think I already have enough organic, woody things. Maybe some bright colors. Or woven rattan. Or stone. Or a big piece of steel sculpture. I'm not opposed to some greenery. I have plenty gold leaf and marble all about. Here's some pictures of the space to think about.

I know there's other things to be finished here. I want a white Tizio lamp for between the blue chairs, I just got the fabric to have pillows made for them, and the little rattan chair is going to have a stack of little flat cushions as soon as I find some acceptable fabric. Oh, and I have been dreaming of a floor lamp for beside the sofa.

this one

And I totes am thinking about riding the Fiddle Leaf Ficus tree trend. One in a glossy white ceramic planter beside the window on the right.

Anything else?


  1. I still have a spot next to the sofa for the old sabine lamp. It's such a classic.

  2. I love your idea of a bowl with brass figures - great,interesting. Silk flowers - lol!


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