Wednesday, June 15, 2011

With a little help from my friends

I have dining room chairs! They're in Atlanta right now, but soon enough I'll get them down to Florida and check them out in my dining room. They've been helped along and passed on from one friend to another - Donna thrifted them outside of Atlanta and Robin sent them to the refinishers and then on to the upholsterer. I shopped for fabric on a trip to Atlanta and found a shiny vinyl that's not quite a patent. The table is going to be blackened steel base with a top fabricated from a new Silestone product - Volcano.

Here's the empty dining room. Soon, there will be sheer white drapery at those glass doors. And there will be a table.

And chairs.

Like these.
With the detail of brass finials.

And one of the great things about these chairs is that they're one-of-a-kind, thrifted and customized and I have right around 225 bucks a piece in them. If you've looked at dining room chairs, you know that's well priced for a decent chair! I love finding and making over furniture. There is great satisfaction in that for me.

So I'm gonna keep doing that. Finding. Hoarding. Re-doing.


Not to mention that those chairs will be banging in my space. Oh, yea!


  1. Man you find some good stuff!

    Btw I received the knobs THANK YOU!!!!! They are the same size!! You saved my bar!!

  2. Dude, you're the one all over a trove! You kill me!

    I hope you can clean the pulls ok. I took those off some piece or another and just saved 'em up. Ya never know! That's why we hoard.

  3. Those chairs are killer. From one hoarder to another, bravo!

  4. listen you little furniture hoarder!! my house is empty! you hear me? EMPTY!!! you take all that crazy hoarded crap and send it up to atlanta with you next time you're here and i will hoard it for you until you find a place for it. no sense in keeping that shit behind closed doors! show it off in my house.
    btw the chairs are genius.

  5. Oh I'll be coming by that way sometime this summer. Gotta get my chairs and transport a fab rattan day bed from my hoard to a friend there. I'll bring a load up for your perusal - I'm always happy to find a home for some of my things!

  6. those chairs are great...and I love the black seats...thanks for stopping by my blog...I look forward to DesignJunkie as a must read from now on...glad to have found you...

  7. Thanks for looking. I'll be readin' ya!


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