Thursday, June 23, 2011

I’m never tired of zebra print

zebra 002
My favorite way to layer a zebra hide – genuine and over vintage kilim.
I really wanted zebra hide in my living room, but what I got was zebra print wool in my library because Mr. Man thought that look was more becoming. I was just becoming sad that, now, there will be no place in my house for the genuine thing. (You see a wee peek at the zebra in the library below) But life goes on.
mdd 008

zebra 008
And so does zebra print – on and on and on. And on one hand, I think it’s the most fab black and white pattern and works positively anywhere, and on the other hand, I don’t necessarily want it dotting about at Casa Blanca. But surely, one small bit of it in the master bedroom wouldn’t hurt, right?
mdd 001
I’m stripping this little mahogany bench, and I have this zebra print, and it looks good in my bedroom. The fabric has a slight texture and nice shading and was cheap – cheap. So why not?
Well, maybe because I have this piece
zebra 010
It’s a dark brown burn-out velvet and I thought it was pretty with the vintage scarf pillow for the guest room. In which, btw, will be going this stellar chair I found to re-do
In green. Kelly. Emerald. Grass. GREEN.
Prolly won’t even notice the one zebra print pillow on the bed with that big ass emerald green chair postin’ up in there.


  1. I'm contemplating reupholstering stools I have with some zebra. But I don't want to use junky-ass cheap fabric. I want a real hide! Only they are too expensive.
    Also, I don't have the too much zebra conundrum you have, I have the zebra meets cowhide debate. Can cows and zebras hang out in the same loft? I don't want to over do it.

    As for your space, I say go for it. They are different rooms. Works for me. Play ball.

  2. N@DM, I know! It's hard finding a good-looking zebra print fabric. Most of them do look cheesy - that's why I bought the two that I did when I found them just in case I could use them. I'd love to upholster in real hide too. That would be awesome!

    I actually have cowhide on chairs in my bedroom. I thought the same thing as you about putting the two in the same space - I thought about the 'all dead animals, all the time' factor! But I felt they'd work together fine. From what I've seen of your loft, you'd be ok too!

  3. yes. do that. green and zehbra are delicious.


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