Friday, June 3, 2011

Throw a Tizio on that bitch

a white tizio table lamp here
not black
The classic. In white.

not black

Like this one
right on
Gonna leave this one

not right

Out in the cold.

And if I could have this, I probably would


  1. Scorpion table is the shiz. I think the Mr. owes you this in exchange for the Ram. He does.

  2. The table is growing on me...and where are those blue chairs? They used to be in the LR? No?

  3. Bri, imma fixin' to hit Mr. Man up for some motorized drapery and a vintage vitrine.I guess I have to set my priorities.

    Bec, those are the same blue chairs, still in front of the fireplace, but now in the company of a gold leaf table. That spotted pillow goes on the sofa. Pillow fabric for chairs coming from ATL soon!

  4. that scorpion table is scary. but i love it.
    and your table turned out great. what paint did you use?

  5. MFAMB, Scorpion table is my nod to my astrological sign. I was working on a post of zodiac inspiration and never got around to finishing! My little side table is gold leaf over not-quite-the-ride-shade-pink paint. It's growing on me in the space, thanks!


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