Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My million dollar decorating

I missed Million Dollar Decorator's on Tuesday night. Not to worry - you can always catch the clever re-cap over at My Favorite and My Best. Which I did. And I saw a couple of familiar looking pieces.

There was the ubiquitous ram's head base desk

When I found mine at Red Herring in Tampa, I thought it looked more like a gazelle

And I only have the one, so I guess it's really just a half-a-million-dollar decoration.

Then, I spied some lamps (you gonna have to click to enlarge to see what i see)

Again, I only have one


Mine is waiting for it's shade. A black one. It's in a unfinished room so there's not much to see with it.
(Mr. Man found the lamp for me on ebay and submitted a 'best offer'! That man love him some ebay!)
Casa Blanca looking good.  Almost like a million dollars.

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  1. Aren't you stylin'.

    There was a rams head coffee table at the auction on Tuesday. I didn't stick around to see how much it went for, but I bet one of the antiques dealers scooped it up and is going to sell it for a pretty penny.


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