Thursday, June 23, 2011

What about this lucky blogger?

So, there’s a girl in NYC with a blog, sketch42, and she goes out to LA and does Disneyland, maybe with the fam, and meets up with some other bloggers. One of the other bloggers is Emily Henderson who won Design Star and got her own show – Secrets of a Stylist (which I gotta say, I only watched twice and, for me, the format of the show stunk-up so bad it annoyed me). Emily’s a huge talent and seems to be a lovely gal and all, and it’d be cool to chat her up, but I wouldn’t be vibrating if we happened to hang out (just as, I wouldn’t cause a blip on her screen).

But for this lucky-ass blogger, that was just a walk in the park compared to the lush excitement of going to KWID and fuckin meeting KELLY WEARSTLER!! Are you kidding me? First of all, you’re being charged by the molecules in the studio of this brillz designer, but the next thing ya know, you’re standing cheek-to-cheek (more like cheek to forehead cuz this blogger’s maybe a little person) and hip-to-hip and having your picture taken with the goddess. And who cares if your pose is slightly awkward. You earned the right to be there by blogging like a champ and making cool shit. YOU ARE THERE.


Now that’s a day for you, folks. HELLS. YEA.

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